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Weather is good and the fishing is better

The doom and gloom forecast was a bit overstated as it often is. The weathermen have to cover their bases and it is of course sensible to cover them on on the safe side. Got some rain, got some wind, we all survived easily as all of  it was less then forecast, and here we are, still standing and enjoying some pretty good fishing. That’s on most days, wait, the majority of days. Anyway, all fishermen are liars ( except you and me and I’m not so sure about you) and also remember the first liar never wins, at least when talking of fishing. LOL. The fishing has been good,  and that is true on the majority of days as stated, and a very pleasant change from a month back. Here is our report. Enjoy the photos of recent anglers who have joined us here aboard Marlin My Darlin.



Good Kingfish activity along the reef line and also on the inshore and offshore edges of that reef. The best numbers continue to be on the deep lines as expected with only an occasional Kingfish taking a surface bait. The bite has been essentially equal to the north or to the south of our inlet. Occasional Bonito in the mix.


Some Wahoo just along and slightly deeper than that reef’s edge. The one pictured with this report was taken on a “bachelorette” party. Occasional Tuna also along and just off the reef’s edges. Mahi-Mahi remain smallish and scattered on many days. Find them and there can be a good number of them, but also be prepared to toss a lot of them back as they will be short of the legal minimum length required to keep them.


Some Sailfish around and although they have been scattered in various areas a hard edge from green to blue water that is the result of strong north current has been a sweet spot, regardless of water depth as this edge has been tucked inside of 120 feet of water o the south and as much as 550 feet of water above us. This same strong north current has kept us from targeting many bottom fish ( especially in the deeper water) with the exception of some really nice Amberjacks that are happy to take a bait presented a ways up off a wreck as we buck the current. Tight lines and good fishing to all.

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