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Good fish and good charters on our fishing charters

Always of course a welcome circumstance when there are some memorable fish offshore and it’s always nice when that experience is shared with good people. Fishing is after all fishing and it is
appreciated when the fish, who as we say ”always have the final word” are on the same page as the fishermen. And that means crew as well as anglers.
So good fishing , good catches, and fun charters here recently aboard Marlin My Darlin as we move
further into our summer charter schedule. There continue to be some nice Wahoo around and being a
Bonito, as favorite meal for them, is a dangerous ID, as some are of good size. We’ll take the Bonito
action too. Some Sailfish too as you see in the photos. Nice Kings and some Mahi-Mahi. Jacks on the
wrecks, Tunas off the edge.
Decent weather, decent fishing, and fun charters with good folks. And don’t forget the kids!!! Enjoy
the photos of some of our recent anglers. See you on the rip.

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