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Got kids? Summer is almost gone

Summer is winding down and time for getting the kids geared up and back to that every important aspect again front and center of their lives. Time to hit the books from K until that final diploma that is associated with entering the big world we all live in.  Certainly a few long faces on some, and not only the kids. I very much remember it not just being a kid’s long face but mine too as ours headed out the door for college…. Our summer rush of fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale has begun to decidedly slow down. Still fishing regularly, but not the situation of everybody hoping for the same charter date. We continue to fish heavily in the areas on the reefs. A Sailfish continues to add some fun to some charters even though as we have stated in previous reports this is not high season for them. Kingfish continue to be along those same reef lines many days. Occasional Amberjack on structure and a few Wahoo along the reefline and shipwrecks holding the fattest ones. Scattered Mahi-Mahi off the edge in the deep could certainly be better, but out there off the edge there is some daytime Swordfish activity out there in 1350 to 1700 feet of water. Bring your lunch ( or let us cater the eats for you) as this involves a full day charter.. I’ve loaded the photo part of this report up with kid shots. Enjoy. As always tight lines to all of you, from all of us here @ Marlin My Darlin. See you on the rip.

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