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Cooler temps on fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

  A nice cool morning here in Ft. Lauderdale. They say back into the lower 80s in two days. Forecast is for very slim chances of rain on any day this week. Fishing continues to be very up and down. Nice Sail for Rob’s son on a charter with Capt. Kopper and Cameron  yesterday. Really good bunch of Yelloweye and plump Vermillion Snappers for Wes and crew aboard the 46 with Capt. Kenny and Joey today. Caught our second true Dusky of the week today along with those Snappers. Dusky Sharks are a totally protected species and not a common catch here. The unmistakably huge pectoral fins (quite visible in the accompanying photos) are a giveaway for a positive I.D. Very large mouth and of course plenty of teeth.  Many sharks are wrongly miss labeled as Duskies. A true Dusky sports those rediculously giant pecs. Blackfin Tunas off the edge, Mahi very scarce. A few Kings, not as many as we would like. Catch the current right and some good Golden Tiles out in 750 on the bottom rods. The weather is going to be great for our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale as we enter into this second week of February, see you on the rip. Enjoy the pictures of recent anglers.

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