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Spring break fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

Spring break in F. Lauderdale. It’s “not just for kids”. Seems I recall that slogan was associated with a cereal (Trix?) way back when. Remember my kids lobbying heavily for adding that to the grocery cart. Well they are college kids and now gearing up for spring break and hopefully they are watching their sugar. And calories, and fat, and carbs, and processed foods and….. Yes, I’m old (older!) now, seeing the beaches full of Spring breakers, but also families with little Spring breakers. So included are photos of the small sized crowd that have joined us along with mom and pop recently aboard Marlin My Darlin. So fishing charters are not just for kids, they are for families. Bring your kids and Grand kids. Great time of year here, essentially all species of fish that frequent Ft. Lauderdale are here right now. Smaller ones for the littler ones and some truly larger ones for those college age Spring breakers (and mom and dad too). See you on the rip.

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