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Warm summer like days, and good April fishing

 By warm summer like days I mean 93 this afternoon, and forecast to hit 94 Monday. 

All this warm weather and at least 3 inches of snow in Connecticut today….nuts, but expected to be slightly cooler here in South Florida mid week. My position is I would prefer to be offshore on a fishing charter in Ft. Lauderdale with these temperatures as opposed to fishing in the snow, but I am fully aware that others feel otherwise. I’ve fished in the snow and the heat as many of our anglers have, but I’m taking the “heat is good” position for now, especially as we are now into April, and April / May offer great fishing opportunities offshore here. 

          April and May. Mahi-Mahi passing through, mostly in slightly deeper water. Tripletail joining them on floating objects and smaller to mostly medium sized Wahoo gathering below those same floating objects. There will be Blue Marlin ( not in numbers) in the same areas. Typically calmer days for targeting Swordfish and the Mahi offshore make for pleasant fishing conditions. Inshore the grouper  and Golden Tilefish seasons are open. Big Amberjacks get on the wrecks and sailfish continue to be a possibility on both near shore and offshore fort Lauderdale fishing trips. Kingfish and Bonito at the reefs, Blackfin Tunas just off the reefs. Always a chance at large Wahoo when the Bonito are around. And don’t forget the kids, we are fishing.

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