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Summertime fishing in Ft. Lauderdale

 Once again we will make reference that it is great to be back on the ocean and sharing Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters with our anglers. We had a lot of sunscreen saved up over the last couple of months and the hats and sunscreen are happily back in the mix. Gone now are the paint and varnish cans from both boats that occupied our down time with the virus protocol (the boats look great) and we are happily back to scratching and dinging them up again with some fresh new battle scars, which is quite alright. “Fix her up and tear her up” I like to say. It is a well practiced and never ending labor of  love.

    Enjoy the photos of recent anglers who have joined us here aboard Marlin My Darlin. Kingfish, Tuna, Sailfish, Sharks and Bonito and Mahi-Mahi are regularly welcomed aboard during our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale during the summer months. We have upcoming Swordfish charters and we very much look forward to the opportunity to target these fish. Lots of kids lately and many more to come as we move into the summer. Tommy and Matt  offshore this morning with a 10 year old and his Pop. Life is good and we are fishing regularly again. This IS our day job and no we for sure won’t be quitting our day job as we love what we do. Tight lines and good fishing to all of us here @ Marlin My Darlin Sportfishing. See you on the rip.

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