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Good catches fishing in Ft. Lauderdale, Summer winds down

Although summer officially ends Sept 22nd our summer in regards to fishing charters is winding down. Right on time, dammit. The good news for our anglers is that now they will now have a much better chance of reserving their first choice of days. We continue to have a good number of charters reserved in the books but gaps now appear where there were few this summer. It is a good time to take a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale, and we’ll miss some good days offshore. But we will be right there to enjoy our fair share. In the down time we will stay busy, these rigs do get some wear and tear, so dockside labor and the annual boatyard visit for both boats in knocking. Ugh. “Never gets old?”rings true for the opportunity to enjoy that the ocean has to offer. But lets be honest, “Boatyard Blues” fits nicely for myself and crew. So we’ll send the boats in one at a time. One to the boatyard, and one will remain in her slip @ Bahia Mar Marina available for fishing. Enjoy the included photos of our Marlin My Darlin anglers. Fishing has been good and should hopefully remain so. The coming weeks offer Mahi, Kings, Sails, Wahoo, bottom fish, Tunas, Bonito, various species of Sharks. I personally feel that most everyone looks better and also most certainly feels better holding a fishing rod as opposed to a paint brush or wrench. Give us a call, make a fisherman’s day. I’ll personally answer your call as always. That bumper sticker we have all seen “I’d rather be fishing” fits
us to a T. Capt. JJ

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