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Fall fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale continue to produce some good sized fish, but there have been a couple of days with less fish hitting the box than we would prefer. And this is an annual Fall season situation as temperatures change and the available fish change some of their patterns a bit, and then we change our patterns a bit, and then, you know, we get a few days where we get schooled by the fish. Over 45 years and still learning. On campus LOL. Actually doing not too badly on some species, especially good sized Amberjacks. Almost every one well over 40 and hopefully you saw the photo of one over 100# in our last report. So that was catch, photo and release. So you’ll have to take it from us she was 100…. but as you know “ in fishing the “1st liar never wins”. Love that one. That “particular” fish was a full 100 pounder. Too many accomplished fishermen follow us for me to try and fudge one. Dammit. So we are picking away at the Kings. Big Amber and Almoco Jacks. Some Tunas (smaller lately), fat Bonito and an occasional Grouper or Wahoo. Big Cudas now and a Sail here and there. Small “Bullett” Bonito have shown up and the annual Mullet run now begins. Baitfish bring and hold big fish. Fall fishing, all over the map, but some fine catches await. Enjoy the pictures of some of our anglers that have joined us aboard Marlin My Darlin for a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale. See you on the rip.

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