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Early November fishing in Fort Lauderdale

November is a welcomed time frame here as # 1: The light at the end of the tunnel really isn’t a train, but the end of Hurricane season just a few weeks away!! and #2: Slightly cooler days and interesting opportunities fishing in Fort Lauderdale. With the chance for cooler days there also comes the
chance for windy days, and Mother Nature has socked us squarely on the chin with too much breeze to fish for three days now. Itchy. Fishermen like to fish, and not being able to fish is similar to……you fill it in, I was leaning toward three days in a dentist’s chair, but you might have an even better one. November will have small schools of Mahi-Mahi way in tight in water from 30 to 50 feet of depth aggressively working schools of Ballyhoo. Sailfish will not hesitate to get right in there tight as well. Tunas, Bonito, Kings within a mile and a half of the beach as lots of bait in the Ft. Lauderdale fishing area now and find the bait, find the fish is universal. Amberjacks and also a few Groupers on the wrecks and good sized Jack Crevalles running the beach and hanging out around shallow water wrecks. Loads of bite sized Bonito will be around, chocolate cake to big Wahoo. November is fun and enjoy the pictures of recent anglers with this report. Tight lines, see you on the rip. JJ

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