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Continued stellar weather and some nice catches

Gone is that cooler weather and I for one am missing it. We get plenty of warm days here and we are right back into the low 80s today, fresh off of an 85 degree high yesterday. And the last four days have brought calm fishing conditions creating an almost totally flat ocean surface. That’s calm. Blue skies, few if any clouds. I believe the term is “Chamber of commerce days”. Shorts and t shirts for sure as so much of the country tonight is digging out. I never was one for digging out the snow being a south Florida boy, but a tad (just a tad) cooler wouldn’t upset me in the least. December fishing (should I say catching) has traditionally been erratic. And this year is no different, but we have had some very nice fish on our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale. Good days on the Pelagics like these Sailfish picture posted along with this report. Blackfin Tunas as usual just off the reefs edges. Some Groupers and Snappers have been hitting the ice. Some Mahi-Mahi, but they have backed off the last couple of days. So please enjoy the photos of recent photos of anglers and fish, but bear in mind it is mid December, and there are difficult days. We are now fishing most every day as evidenced by the abundance of photos. For the next week we are looking at only a single forecast where rain might be an issue, and that being less than a 1 in 2 chance of getting wet somewhere throughout the course of that day. So it’s south Florida in mid December, a good place to be. We’ll be off the dock early tomorrow and hopefully it will offer good chances at good fish and not be one of the erratic days. We’ll push it here until the fat lady sings, and have fun along the way, either way. Any questions and all reservations direct with me @ 954-778-8173. Tight lines, see you on the rip. JJ

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