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Mid January fishing charter report

As we move away from 2021 all of us here at Marlin My Darlin are looking forward to spending our days on the ocean and also hopefully a safe and healthy year. We of course wish all of you who follow our Ft. Lauderdale fishing reports the same. You will notice quite a few photographs of recent anglers (as always) and their fish. Some really nice fish caught by our guests as you can see, but there continue to be tough days of fishing out on the water. We and the entire fleet find days where it is a struggle to bend the rods. Every day we start afresh with high hopes and we and you are going to have a good time offshore either way. Some days yield really good fish and others leave everyone light in the caught department. Comfortable sea conditions, favorable weather, good current and water clarity basically day after day keep hopes high as we leave the inlet, but as I mentioned dependable catches have more captains than just myself and my own scratching their heads. So there you have it, straight up, presented as it is. Strong days followed by weak days. As they say if “you don’t go you won’t know.” There are good fish to be had, wish there were more. Always 110% here, fishing hard every day and having fun. Feel free to call me direct @ 954-778-8173 my cell anytime between 7 AM and 9 PM to discuss catches and charters, and always book us direct at that same number. See you on the rip, JJ






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