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Fort Lauderdale fishing report 1st week of March

And here we go into March. Sorry for the gap between our Fort Lauderdale fishing reports. In actuality not too much has changed other than we are ridiculously busy. The catching has been slightly better on many days, but there are still days we and everyone else out there struggles. A few Sails but they remain very elusive and difficult. Scattered Mahi and Wahoo and luck seems to be welcomed there. The influx of Mahi should be starting soon. Some good Blackfin Tuna catches lately and Bonito in that mix as they often are. Some Jacks biting and the Mutton Snapper were biting quite well until the current switched to south yesterday. Still some, 5 Muttons as part of the catch on the 46 on a half day yesterday, but 4 of those 5 went back, shorts. Sharks here (of course, spring break). Sandbars, Hammerheads and a Tiger for us and the single Mako we posted on Facebook. Very reasonable weather, especially when compared to most everywhere else, but some wind on the way with an approaching front. Wind only, no snow , I promise. Come on down to Florida, we are happy to share the heat. Lots of photos of anglers with this report. Tight lines from all of use here @ Marlin My Darlin Sportfishing. Always book direct with me @ 954—78-8173. Simple, safe, and secure. JJ

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