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Mid March fishing in Ft. Lauderdale

And as we find ourselves midway through March we have a similar report to our last observations about fishing in Ft. Lauderdale. Some changes of course as one would expect, but a lot of similarities. Good current and dream about crystal clear blue water.Some days continue to offer up some very nice fish for our anglers, and again the flip side is some days continue to offer up erratic catches. Had a very nice run tail end of the last week and now we again are seeing fluctuating results. Some Sails, Mahi-Mahi, Tunas and Jacks. Big Sharks. A good day then a slower day seems to be  the pattern now for quite sometime now. Hitting it hard and ridiculously busy. Enjoy the photos of recent anglers who have joined us here aboard Marlin My Darlin. Always phone direct @ 954-778-8173 please for information and all reservations please. You will get me, look forward to your call. Tight lines and good fishing, JJ BTW the weather is stellar, 80s, t-shirts, sunscreen and a hat. Mid March 2021 in Ft. Lauderdale, if this town isn’t at capacity it’s right there.



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