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And again just like that another summer month has ended and we look forward to this August’s trips offshore on our fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale. August holds opportunities for many species. Schools of Kingfish will frequent our reef areas and if this month is true to other Augusts big schools of bonito will be flying through here. False Albacore to the Northeastern anglers, “Little Tunny” to the textbook crowd and Bonito to us down here. Great fun, especially for kids, and they should be here in large numbers. Large sizes too. Edible? Some say so, others say so until they try them. Far from the top of the any list for the table but haven’t heard of any deaths. My vote is for Blackfin Tuna for dinner, and there will be some here. We never use to eat Amberjacks, and now we do. So…that said if you try one of those Bonito be sure to let us know. I have had people tell me they weren’t bad Then again…Not quite there yet for us, but all agree they are good strong rod bending fish, especially when you hook a fat late summer Granpa. Wahoo in August and also always a possibility of a Summer Sail. Mahi-Mahi, Greater Amberjack and Almoco Jacks on deeper wrecks. Is is a fun but warm month to fish here and there will be some good catches. Enjoy the photos of recent anglers who have joined us for Ft. Lauderdale fishing trips aboard Marlin My Darlin. Sunscreen and a hat, it’s August. See you on the rip


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