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Late August Ft. Lauderdale fishing report

Time continues to fly by and for some summer has now passed. For myself and some others a bit still remains but a couple of quick blinks and she’s gone. We use “she’s gone” here when the big one gets away, which as all fishermen know happens. But I’ll use it here referring to summer getting away, and she is soon just a memory. Great summer, great families and their children joined us here, and we have more charters on the books. But the summer, “she gone”.  So here comes “Fall”. We very much enjoy fishing in the Fall too. Fishing trends change and the foliage too, all the palm trees soon turning all those beautiful different shades of orange, pink, yellow…….Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold. Miss that beautiful colorful time down here, we know when Fall arrives typically by consulting the calendar. But summer trends continue now, and with some good catches. Good fishing most days along the outside edges of what we term the “third reef”. Mahi-Mahi as pictured with this Ft. Lauderdale fishing report just off the edge. Wahoo near the reef line and also offshore of there. Nice Sail first thing this morning a mile off the beach. Trip to the Swordfish grounds failed to produce a Sword bite but some Mahi-Mahi eased the pain. Enjoy the pictures of recent anglers and always book directly with me @ 954-778-8173. Less moving parts is always better. Thanks, tight lines, see you on the rip. Capt. JJ


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