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Early September Ft. Lauderdale fishing report

So far so good weather wise for us here in South Florida and our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters as those storms in this active hurricane season  have focused their wrath on other unfortunate locations. For the second summer now on a Maine vacation wife, myself, and our out of nesters have found ourselves enduring wind and lots of rain as the remnants but still potent systems of a tropical storm/ hurricane hammered us. Not unheard of but certainly not common. I vote no threepeat please, and I also vote no tropical situations anywhere. Regarding South Florida and deep sea fishing charters we’ll keep our fingers crossed, palm trees and white sand beaches don’t come without an occasional toll from Mother Nature in the Sunshine State. Flat calm seas now, more in the forecast, plus plus. Here’s our Ft. Lauderdale fishing report as we end the first week in September.

Lots of photos of recent anglers reflecting what has been happening and continues to happen here. Good variety and decent fishing on most days. Always as in any time of year the chance for a slow day, but thankfully the fish have been cooperating on most days. Kingfish, Tunas, Wahoo, various good sized Jacks, Mahi-Mahi, oversized Cudas, Bonito, Sharks. Nice time of year to be here. Less crowds, bring the kids. JJ

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