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Fort Lauderdale fishing report late December

So here we are closing in on the new year and hope everyone id enjoying the holiday season. The weather has been absolutely perfect and the deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale has had it’s moments but has been erratic giving us a strong day with a number of fish and other days with Sailfish and then presenting us and the entire fleet with a day that despite having near perfect fishing conditions and fine weather to boot is a very difficult day. As we all are aware such is fishing and we take pleasure in large and small fish and large and lesser numbers, but a reasonable amount of cooperation from the fish is always appreciated by anglers and crew alike. That said we have had some good fish. But again, not every day. Enjoy the photos of anglers. Big fish, small fish, lots of fish and not so many fish. See you on the rip and Happy New Year to all our followers.


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