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Early April fishing report Ft. Lauderdale

As we move into April we are pretty much sure of two things. The first being that fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale will offer more opportunities for good catches. The second being that the weather will be warm. April and May are our favorite months for fishing here. The Blackfin Tuna that have arrived here offshore of Ft. Lauderdale a bit early this year should have no reason to leave and they will be increasing in size as we move into the summer months. Amberjacks, and big ones, are on the wrecks now and should increase in numbers as well. Kingfish are expected to be here in much larger numbers as we move through April and May (which is good as they have been quite thin recently). Mahi-Mahi action will pick up with larger fast moving schools as early as mid April. These schools are often in the vicinity of the 100 fathom curve which is within three miles of shore here and we will watch for them there as long as there is current and good water clarity. There will continue to be some Sailfish around and April can often produce some of the largest of the year. If you or your kids are into sharks they will be here and offer good opportunities at larger ones. Wahoo is always a possibility. Please enjoy the photos of recent anglers. Tight lines and good fishing from all of us here. Marlin My Darlin direct @ 954-778-8173 for info and all reservations


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