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Fishing charter report Ft Lauderdale

As expected the fishing in Ft. Lauderdale in late April has some pretty good catches. And those catches have included Kingfish, Blackfin Tunas, Wahoo, some Sailfish and Mahi-Mahi., really large sharks. And then we have the Amberjacks in town and also in good numbers. And again those good numbers are expected as this is the high season for them as they move onto the wrecks and other structures. These are big hard (ridiculously hard) fighters as many of you are aware. This is a fish some will pass on after landing one on a charter as once really is enough in some applications. Finesse over brute angler strength wins out every time, but stamina is a definite player on both angler and fish. They will admire that fish, but decline further punishment. And then some just can’t get enough of these hard pulling Jacks. Reef Donkey is a fitting and popular nickname for them. We practice catch and release on the vast majority of these fish and although the numbers are high now, they are a far cry from years back when they seemed endlessly available in these particular months. When the government essentially shut down the commercial Redfish net catch all over but targeting the Gulf the focus then shifted to rod and reel attention on the Amberjacks as the replacement item for “Blackened Redfish”. And then the Amberjacks took a tremendous hit from commercial fishing until they too came under strict and then stricter regulation that again removed the attractive kill for a wholesaler aspect. So we enjoy the Amberjacks very much here. As you can see in the Amberjack photos we have included here in this report our smiling anglers that have joined us here aboard Marlin My Darlin on a fishing charter in Ft. Lauderdale enjoys the Reef Donkeys as well. Overall fishing is good for many species as I mentioned, and these Jacks are certainly involved. Tight lines and good fishing to all.

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