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Ft Lauderdale fishing report mid June

Halfway through June already, amazing.  As we have mentioned before time really does seem to fly. Kids out of school, families in town and we have been fishing steadily as we move through the month. Kingfish, and Bonitos remain in decent numbers right up on the reefs early and then often just slightly deeper in the afternoon. At a mile from shore here in waters from 90 to 120 feet in depth has been good and often decent action right out front of our inlet. Blackfin Tunas just offshore of that and we have had some Wahoo in the same areas. Some Jacks remain on the deep wrecks and some nice Almoco Jacks in there with the typically larger Amberjacks. Only an occasional Sailfish. Sharks up on the reefs and also off the edge, it’s summer. And summer it is as we see more showers now, but fewer along the beaches as most are inshore pelting the alligators in the everglades areas. Typical actual temperature has been around 88, but some “feel hotter” days are common this time of year. Please enjoy the photos of recent anglers who have joined us here @ Marlin My Darlin for a fishing charter in Ft. Lauderale.

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