Bahamas Fishing Packages

(Accommodating up to 6 guests of your exclusive charter party)

Bahamas Fishing Excursions

Bahamas excursions are some of the most enjoyable adventures we can possibly offer. The deep sea trip is customized to fit your needs.

Weekend in Bimini: We are in the Bahamas in 4 hours!! Fish the same waters as Ernest Hemingway tangling with Blue Marlin, Sailfish, monster Wahoo and countless other species. We’ll fish the drop-off where currents bring bait onto the Bahamas banks.  After a morning of fishing, you can take off the afternoon if you like and go scuba diving or snorkeling. While you’re at it, bring back some lobsters for an evening cookout or find a deserted cove and just hang out.  Our crew and Detroit Diesels can take a licking and keep on fishing!

Weekend in Port Lucaya/Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island: It’s a little longer run from Fort Lauderdale (84 miles to be exact). However, the run is usually worth it to those who have two vices (fishing and gambling). As we head across the Gulf Stream, the crew and radar will be scanning the horizon for diving birds and feeding fish. The satellite gets us there safe and sound but our eyes, knowledge and instinct find the fish. On the way, you never know what fishing opportunity you may run into! Once there, most head off to the casino on Friday night. Saturday morning, win or lose, it’s the same as the Bimini trip – the boat is yours.

Customized Trips to Nassau or places beyond: Call us and we can customize a deep sea fishing trip to the outer islands when the big Blue Marlin and Mahi are in balling huge schools of bait fish. Or if you want to yacht over to Paradise Island for a week and hang out with the big shots, we can accommodate that too.

Fishing Rates

(By law, we can only accommodate up to 6 people per charter. If your party is larger, we can arrange as many additional boats as you need.)

Approximate costs to the Bahamas

Example: Bimini (54 nautical miles from Lauderdale)
Based upon a 3 day trip Leave Friday and return Sunday evening)

Boat per day: starting at $3500.00 + fuel, dockage (listed below), and customs/immigration fee (includes crew, bait, and full fishing equipment for many different options of fishing)

Dockage: approximately $250 per day at the Bimini Big Game Club.

Hotel: Our crew stays on the boat. Hotel rooms are approximately $350 a night for a double bed set-up (both hotel and dockage are paid separately by guest party, however we can help with arrangements).

Bahamas entrance fee: There is a one-time charge of $300 which may or may not pertain to entrance into the country for the entire boat along with fishing/lobster permits.

Provisions: You can either bring your own food and beverages or we can take care of that for you at a cost.