Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?
For a private charter, aboard the Marlin My Darlin, we charge $675 for a 4-hour trip, $975 for 6-hour, and $1,275 for an 8-hour fishing charter. All rates are flat rates for up to 6 anglers maximum. There is no cost difference between 2 anglers or 6 anglers on a private charter. With our short run to the fishing grounds, any of these leave plenty of time for “catchin”. We also offer shared or “split party” charters for half days at $175 per person.

What is the boat?
The Marlin My Darlin is a customized 46 ft. Hatteras Sportfisherman.  The salon is spacious with two sofas and carpeting.  The galley area has parquet flooring, a fridge and microwave oven. Electronics are Furuno, Garmin, and Northstar for depth, radar, and GPS systems. We provide above and beyond ALL Coast Guard required safety equipment as well as ship to shore VHF radio.

When do we leave?
We have 2 typical departure times for ½ day trips.  8:00 AM and 1:00 PM
¾ day trips (6 hours) typically leaves at 7:00 am and 1:00 pm
All day trips (8 hours) can leave any time between 7:00 or 8:00 am. You pick the time and we will be ready.

When time is best to leave?
We have found that it is not necessarily better fishing in the morning.  Fishing conditions here tend to be more reliant on wind, current, water clarity and moon phases.  We are available for morning, afternoon, and evening trips.

What is the difference between the standard trip and the all-inclusive?
The standard trip price includes: rental of the boat (including fuel, tackle, dead bait) and the crew along with cleaning of your fish after the trip. This package also includes all licenses and permits required for fishing of the Florida coast.

The All-Inclusive trip includes everything the standard package offers plus the food and drink you have ordered (all-inclusive is priced at $100 based on 6 anglers).  This package also includes deli sandwiches, Coca-Cola products, a case of beer, and individually packaged chips and snacks. This is not a rigid package – feel free to tailor it to your needs. Also feel free to bring any food or drinks on board that you want at any time. This all-inclusive package is an option.

Live bait is another option you can add to any charter depending on the time of year. If you would like this option, we will check availability with several private suppliers. If available, we prefer to make arrangements for bait the night before. There are many times we do not recommend the purchase of additional live bait from the bait boats. Besides, taking a few minutes to catch it ourselves can be fun!

How far offshore do you fish?
Most of the fish we catch here are relatively close to shore.  Most times of the year we are fishing well inside of 2 miles from shore in 100-500 feet of water.  This is at the outer edge and just beyond our 3rd reef system which acts as a magnet for large game fish.  90% of our fish are caught well within sight of land… no long ride to the fishing grounds.

Can Marlin My Darlin accommodate larger groups?
Yes.  We have sister boats who are very experienced and a pleasure to fish with.  We run many multiple boat charters for private groups as well as corporations.  It is not a problem to arrange the a standard trip or all-inclusive trip for up to 20 boats – that’s up to 120 people!  No job is too large for us.  We’ll get boats from Miami if we have to!

What if the Marlin My Darlin is booked the only day you are available?
If that is the case, let us take care of the details for you.  We can book you on our sister ship or a similar quality of boat along with directions and everything.

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes!  Birthday, Christmas, and Father’s Day presents are especially popular.  If you wish to purchase a trip for someone else, just choose the length of trip you prefer.  We then charge your credit card and postal mail or email out an attractive certificate with your name and theirs informing the person of your gift and allowing them up to a full year to redeem the present.  No black-out dates. Any day is fine as long as it is not already reserved. Please call for further details.