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Cheers, Rick!

I hope that the holidays treated you well, and that the New Year is off to a good start for you. You might remember that my 10-yr old (Troy) and I were with your team in mid-December for a couple of mornings; I even had the chance to meet you, but I didn’t have a chance to thank you for the great experience that Rick, Tommy (older) and Tommy (younger) provided for us. They are great guys and first-class hosts, and very good at what they do. The best testimony I can offer is that Troy has already announced that this is what he wants to do for his next birthday (which will make 3 in a row with you), and his older brother is now looking for a weekend when he can do the same. I know it’s a tough economy, but we’ll help out as much as we can!

I’ve attached a few of the photos from our trips, and look forward to adding some more this year! All the best, and (very sincerely) thank you for giving me some great memories of time with my son. Please pass my thanks on to your partners, too.

John Jackson

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