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Fort Lauderdale Charter Fishing Report – December Highlights: Sailfish Surge and Mixed-Bag Magic

As the festive season unfurls, so have our fishing lines! December in Fort Lauderdale has offered us a cocktail of weather patterns, but anglers aboard our renowned vessels – ‘Marlin, My Darlin’ both 46 and 53 feet of pristine charter prowess – have reaped the benefits of a teeming Atlantic. Here’s the lowdown on what’s been leaping from the waters.

**Sailfish Season in Swing:** December’s dip in mercury traditionally heralds a spike in sailfish activity a trend that has held true. Thanks to cooler climes, these acrobatic fighters have been a consistent thrill, providing many anglers with the rush of a lifetime. Our captains have employed kite fishing with a master’s touch, luring sailfish to the surface and into the hands of exuberant anglers. Incidentally, this method has also tempted imposing trophy sharks, with hammerheads, tigers, and makos making appearances that have sent reels screaming and pulses racing.

**Mahi-mahi Mania:** Offshore pursuits have been fruitful for those targeting mahi-mahi. Most have returned successful, hoisting fish within the 3 to 7-pound bracket, although there have been tales of larger specimens. These vibrant battlers have been prowling waters from 400 to 1000 feet, where they’ve struck baits with the tenacity for which they’re celebrated.

**Tuna and Wahoo Whispers:** Blackfin tunas have graced us with their presence, albeit playing hard to get. Intermixed in the catch, wahoo has been the occasional delight – their searing speed and razor bite adding a layer of excitement to any fishing narrative.

**Reef Fishing Rundown:** While the reef scene has been sluggish at times, especially for trolling enthusiasts, the perseverance of our crews has paid dividends. Wahoo have made periodic dashes across our spreads, while small tunas and respectable king mackerel have kept the action steady.

**Wreck Fishing Rewards:** For those who’ve fancied their chances closer to the seabed, the shipwrecks have served up a mixed bag. Large snappers still lurk in the shadows, joined by formidable amberjacks and the visually delightful vermilion snappers. It’s been a case of ‘drop and reel’ for those hitting these honey holes.

**Looking Ahead:** With Mother Nature promising a stretch of sterling weather, and the holiday spirit embracing Fort Lauderdale, there couldn’t be a more divine time for a family fishing charter. Whether you’re a local or planning a yuletide vacation, the silver lining is clear – December’s waters are bustling with life, and ‘Marlin My Darlin’ charters are at the ready to create memories that will sparkle long after the holiday lights dim. Book your adventure and let’s cast lines into the bright horizon of fishing festivities!

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