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Fishing Charters In Ft Lauderdale Big King

When you run as many fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale as we do there are bound to be some days when catching fish for your charter is a struggle. Of course we hate those situations and do our very best to catch a few as satisfied customers are a priority with us and can mean repeat business as well, and we really do give our all every day we are out on the water. We have had two straight days of deplorable fishing offshore here. The weather has been beautiful, the water calm and a clear blue with a nice northerly running current. Good conditions but poor fishing. A fish here and there for a lucky angler over the radio, but very slow overall. We had Dan and his son Dave aboard and hopes were of course high as we left the dock on both ? day charters.. Dan and Dave have been several times with us with good success. Dave caught a nice Sailfish on their last charter. That was a great fish, but old news now. We trolled and live baited on the surface. We dropped large and small live baits on three different wrecks with no success. With the fishing so aggravating we finally decided to fish big and sit on a spread of live Bullett Bonitos fished on wire leaders so when we did get a bite , if we got a bite, we wouldn?t get ?cut off? by a toothy fish such as a large King, Wahoo, or Shark. This proved (finally) to be a good decision as we managed a Shark and that nice 35 pound Kingfish in the photo for Dave. Both fish took the live Bonitos. The Shark eating a surface bait and the big Kingfish taking a Bonito fished on a downrigger bait fished 60 feet below the surface in 200 feet of water. Wicked nasty King which made several runs for the underside of the boat at the end and pulled hard the entire fight. Dave stayed on him. As you can see something finally went right. A good fish, it was nice to be one of the lucky few.

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