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Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Trips

Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Trips are a fun way to enjoy some of our areas most popular natural attractions, the water and our sunshine. We continue to catch some nice Kings and an occasional Wahoo and Mahi-Mahi. And the Blackfin Tunas are biting as well. Pictured is Lisa who along with her husband Mike booked a shared charter with us. The fishing was good and we all had a good time. That is a nice Blackfin she was our largest caught on that morning?s trip. Our best action came on the deep planer lines and that is what fooled this nice Tuna for Lisa. This particular fish ate the short line which runs about 50 feet below the surface and fished with about 200 feet of line off the reel.
Blue and silver Stan Ruer mylar Seawitch type lure in front of a Bonito strip bait. Stan is local and a retired charter captain who now makes first rate lures along with his wife. No available in stores as they say. At least 50% of the trolling spread here is something by Stan. Ask Stan to tweak a certain lure or two and you have them in your hand and aboard very shortly. You need to stick with winner and we are happy to do just that. The weather has turned for the better again. Comfortable sea conditions and lots of sun as that tropical situation has gone on by. Temperature maxing out today in the mid 80s.

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