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Ft Lauderdale Fishing Charters and Sailfish

Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters and Sailfish are always a happy mix and this time of year it isn?t an everyday event. As we have said previously this is a transitional period for fishing here. We have been doing well on the Kings with a few Wahoo as expected here @ All- Inclusive Sportfishing.The Kings remain smaller for the most part but often bite very well. It seems as though the Sharks and Mahi Mahi have taken a vacation from our area, but the plentiful Kings and still some Bonito and scattered Tuna have kept the rods bent regularly.
We watch for arriving bait schools closely and they are here right on time. We have had some great action on these baitfish schools with the Kings and Bonito.
Capt. Chris and 1st mate Brian were offshore with Jerry and his friends on a charter for Jerry?s dad aboard the Marlin My Darlin. Nice sunny day and the seas were only a couple of feet with clear water and a slight north current. Chris located a school of bait, began to work it, and a Sailfish popped up and took a rigger bait but quickly pulled off. Where there?s one there are often more and they pulled in the trolling spread and set the dredge teasers out with live baits just behind and quickly had a couple of Sailfish in the spread. That fish in the photo with Jerry and Brian took over an hour to land on a Penn 950 spinner and 20 # line. Full grown stubborn fish.
We will continue to do a lot of trolling on our charters and hopefully continue to pick away at the Kings, etc, but it is fall and we will be ready when a Sailfish opportunity presents itself.

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