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Fort Lauderdale fishing forecast for October 2013

By October 1, 2013May 26th, 2017Forecasts

October has arrived and we have adjusted our program to reflect the changes that need to be made to hopefully have a successful Fort Lauderdale fishing trip. Very noticeable water temperature changes far up the line from up translate to only slight changes in our water temperature here as the weather cools somewhat. The result is a flood of baitfish into our South Florida area. Large schools of Black and Silver Mullet are right up on the beach as well as all the way out to the 100 fathom area. Smaller whitefish baitfish such as Spanish Sardines and Pilchards are moving to the south in their usual large tight schools. Find the bait and find the fish is very accurate for October fishing. We will troll often, but live baiting will be more into the program here due to these migrations. The catches can be rewarding but some days will be very challenging. Either way it’s good to be offshore and fishing.
With all the bait we will continue to increase the amount of time we spend live baiting. We don’t use that many Mullet for live bait too often but we will be using them on the schools of migrating Mullet. These schools are very visible and it pays to match the hatch for the larger fish we hope to find on these schools. Smaller Bluefish which often hold below these schools are best taken on casted and sinking jigs or floated cut bait. Ditto casting and cut baiting for the Pilchard and Sardine schools, but the smaller size of the Pilchards and Sardines means they will be taken by smaller predators such as the Blues.
We will spend a lot of fishing time dragging small live Bonito in hopes of the larger Wahoo and Kings, as well as the occasional Sailfish. Large Wahoo will also be taken by trolling. Dolphin fish will be feast or famine as they will be scattered, but find a good area and it could be loaded as in the summer months.
Bottom fishing can be very good for Vermillion Snapper and Grey Tilefish when the current allows. In addition to some strong current days we expect some (occasionally) blustery days as we head into November.

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