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January SE Florida fishing forecast 2014

By January 1, 2014May 26th, 2017Forecasts

January is a great time to fish here. The pelagic species that get the most attention would on the majority of days be Sailfish, Wahoo and Kings. Consistent catching will be improved over the last couple of months and that of course is good news. There will be days when we will lower the sights so to speak, but this is now high Sailfish season, and good sized Wahoo and Kingfish will join them as target species. There will be Mahi-Mahi caught but it will be for the most part erratic for them. The Feds have left the Vermillion Snapper open and Tilefish will also be in the deeper water with those Snappers.They will be in water from approx 200 to 400 feet, but most pelagic action will take place very near shore in water less than 200 feet deep. Live baiting takes center stage for the Sails and big Kings now, with the notable exception of the Wahoos also taking trolled dead baits regularly. Mutton Snappers will take long leadered baits fished dead on the bottom in the vicinity of reefs and structure.
The wind will continue to make it’s presence felt on many days. This is Winter now and we expect it to blow. We have had lots of practice with the wind for the last couple of months so that isn’t something new. Despite the wind conditions will on the majority of days be managable and only a few days will be weathered out.
With the majority of the Sailfish we catch now being full grown and the presence of large Wahoo and kings as noted it is a month of larger than average fish and the weather on most days will be warming into the lower 80s and rain will on most days won’t be an issue.

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