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Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters October outlook 2014

By October 1, 2014May 26th, 2017Forecasts

October is upon us and we are prepared and ready, oh so ready, for the end of this rainy season. Today was beautiful but yesterday brought an afternoon cloudburst that lasted more than an hour, then sun again. That’s Florida. Our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters will be soon be
(for the most part) free of the rain. A bit cooler as well.

The bait migration will gain momentum as we get deeper into the month. Sardines, Pilchards and Threadfin Herring among others. Often moving along fairly swiftly to the South, sometimes pausing on structure. The first schools of smaller “finger” mullet are here and hopefully they will be followed by slow moving large schools of adults. “Blacks” and “Silvers” moving as we have stated before steadily to the South. Hardly the schools of 20 years ago but still literally thousands of fish.

Late September’s strong catches of Kings will fade somewhat, but Kings will still be available. Wahoo as pictured are always a welcome possibility. The hordes of Bonito will have moved on with only occasional ones now. We will do our share of bottom fishing when the current allows.The Mahi-Mahi will be here as they are every month and we will chase them but they won’t be an every day fish unless the wind blows and puts them close to the reefline and then it can be very good for above average sized fish. There will be some Sails around. Singles and doubles, rarely more just yet unless we find them on a school of bait. Swordfishing out in the Gulfstream can pay off and we have charters booked.

Some cooler days ahead, but still capable of getting warm here. A
few more breezy days in store here in S.E. Florida. Fishing can be erratic but we will have some good catches. Hopefully you will do the same and lets enjoy the Florida sun.

Tight Lines, JJ, Chris, Tommy K and Brian aboard Marlin My Darlin

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