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Fishing trips in Ft. Lauderdale 3-1-15

Gone now are the latest series of fronts that have brought us a fair amount of wind and some unwelcome rain. The wind has fallen out completely and our famous Florida sunshine is back and in full force as of this afternoon.

Our fishing trips here in Ft; Lauderdale have now been producing some nice gaffer sized Dorado. The last two days we have found these fish in waters from 150 to 450 feet with 200 to 300 holding the most fish. Some of the fish are being followed by the Man O War Hawks and this allows us to see the rapid rate of speed they are swimming to the South. They are moving very fast once again and easily lost if not for the birds and an occasional Flying Fish trying to get out of their way and showing their location.

Tunas in 200 to 350 with the afternoons seeming to be best for now. There are occasional Wahoo with these fish mostly in water off the edge of the reef on the outside areas of Tuna schools. These Tuna are for the most part smaller but there are some into the teens. Kingfish have been difficult and the Golden Tiles have slowed down as well. There are some Sailfish, but they are hard to come by and expect only a bite or two (or possibly none) if you elect to try them. The Dorado and Tunas, both species showing up off the edge, seem to be the best choice the last few days.

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