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Sailfish and Mahi-Mahi

Our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters continue to offer opportunities for Sailfish and Mahi-Mahi. We are once again seeing these fish on both live and dead baits. As for the live baits we have seen them both on the kite with various livies and also on live Ballyhooo behind the dredge teasers. We have caught several on the troll on dead rigged baits and a nice narrow Bonito strip has been the hot bait for us. This time of year many of the Sailfish are very often smaller and short of the adult lengths but are never the less a lot of fun and often very aggressive and persistent when they set their sights on eating a bait. The Mahi-Mahi remain close to shore for us and it has been best to the south of our inlet and once again inshore on the reefs with Ballyhoo being their main focus. Pods of Porpoise hounding the Ballyhoo schools as well. Some smaller Kings and quite a few Cero Macks in there as well.

The sea conditions have been pleasant with the wind once again falling out. Current has been very slight but the reefs with their abundance of bait fish have held the fish close in. Hot here, as in once again ?wicked hot? for November. Another warm one today at 88 degrees, feeling like 95. But cooler weather is on the way (as in slightly cooler on the first front, and then all the way down to a high of 81 on Monday….). Instead of ?feels like 92? why don’t the weather boys just say ?feels like…July?.

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