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Deep Sea fishing Ft. Lauderdale

The last frontal system has passed through and we are enjoying some beautiful weather here, and the Deep Sea fishing in Ft. Lauderdale has been showing more promise. Chamber of Commerce days and better fishing are of course always a plus. Still a few bumps in the road but the fishing has been much better.

We are seeing some strong north current and a good north current often leads to improved offshore fishing. Good fully grown Sailfish biting again as well as some nice Wahoo as seen in the lead photo. That stronger current has made the deep water drops for the Tilefish a bit more difficult to hold the bottom propperly but the bite on them remains very good.

The water has gone from a bluish hue to more of a clean green inside on the reefs and we have seen some Sails way inside in that water and again off the edge in the blue water. The Kingfish bite best in water that is greenish on most occasions and this green water has held true to that. Most of the best Kingfish action has been a ways to the south of our inlet with the best concentration of fish holding just below the Hollywood Rose Bowl (and the new Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville) and the Tenneco reefs. Easily accessible on a half day charter.

Some good sized Bonito mixed in with those Kings and we are happy to see and use them for the strip baits we shape out of them once we have a minute at the doxk, and we have also used a couple of them for some decent Sharks

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