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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters

Really strong fishing to report on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters. As usual some rain possible on most any charter, but most are brief in duration. And a the small ?cool front? has actually pushed the high for the day to just above 80 degrees with a slight northern breeze.

So the wind goes Northeast and the temperature drops about 10 to 12 degrees and there are Sailfish everywhere. But this is September, not during and just on either side of Winter when a weather condition like this can spark a good bite. So here it is early September and on our half day charter this morning we went 3 for 6 on Sailfish bites while trolling with Bonito strip baits. One of those three escapees was fought to within 20 feet of the transom while the other two managed to throw the hook after several jumps. About 120 feet of water depth was the place to be for these very aggressive bites. Always a few Sailfish inshore as they were today in early September, but quite often they are way out in the deep and very scattered unless you can locate a school of bait, not stacked up on the reef and less than a mile offshore. Finding a Sailfish offshore this time of year ( and today inshore the fish acted the same) almost always brings a hookup as the fish keep trying the bait repeatedly until you can get a piece of him. Doesn’t mean you will get him to boat side before he gets free, but most of them do keep coming hard on the bait until they get hooked. Caught a couple of them two days before a well. So here’s to more cooler weather inshore September Sailfish bites tomorrow.

This same trip yielded a Wahoo of about 30 pounds, Blackfin Tunas , Kings and our Bulldog buddies the Bonitos. The Wahoo came out of 75 to 80 feet of water which was also the better depth for the Kingfish. The Blackfins out in roughly 200 feet.

Jack, Snappers and an occasional Grouper continue to be a possible catch as they have been for quite some time now when the current allows us to successfully hold the bottom without too much weight. Depending on where you read our report you will see some examples of nhhsome of those bottom fish aboard the Marlin My Darlin.

Tight lines and good fishing

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