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Tigers and tots aboard the Marlin My Darlin as you can see by the included photographs. Never too young to get the kids fishing ( or navigating through the waterway). Fishing charters here in Fort Lauderdale have produced some good catches and the weather has been very nice since we put last weeks storms to rest. Occasional rain here and there on the East side of town as it is that”rainy season” but a lot of sunshine now as most rain is inland. But not all of it, it’s “rainy season” as the weatherman loves to say.

That fat Tiger Shark took a bait fished off the edge of the reefs and right out front of the our inlet. We don’t catch that many Tigers and a big one like that one is special. Catch and release with Captain Kopper at the wheel. He’s the old guy on the crew page, not the young wheelman in the picture..

Mahi-Mahi fishing has been strong for a third straight day with good numbers of school sized fish in water from 650 to 800 feet of depth. Those depths are near shore here and accessible on a half day charter. Strong northerly current has them holding in that depth and when the current slows look for them to likely move further offshore into some deeper water. Nice having them near shore for now and they are aggressive and hungry. Find them and the are ready to bite. That strong current has limited bottom fishing.

King Mackerel fishing from 90 to 130 feet of water has been really good. Trolling deep running planers with Bonito strip/lure combinations has been best although some Kings have taken surface baits. Occasional Blackfin Tuna also, and a more than occasional Bonito mixed in there as well.

Sailfishing remains very spotty and kite fishing here right now typically is not a good choice, especially if you are looking for action due to the good numbers of other species readily taking trolled baits. The Wahoo have extended their leave of absence again as they remain scarce. Very few at the reefs edge and on our deeper water trips we have tried them along good looking current edges, floating boards and logs and not had not a single Hoo around two floating trees we found offshore, which almost always hold Wahoo.

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