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Nice weather and Sailfish Mahi-Mahi and Kings biting

It’s a good time to take a Ft. Lauderdale fishing charter as the weather remains very nice and the bite has been pretty good since our last report. Clear skies and a moderate wind from the east/ northeast has kept the near shore water clean and a nice shade of blue. That coupled with a northerly current that is beginning just off the beach and steadily strengthening as one mores further off shore has had some good fish in our area.


             We have been seeing Sailfish with more regularity and these fish, with the clean water and current conditions, have been most often seen in depths in the vicinity of 150 feet. We have seen them on trolled baits and also on live baits and they have proven aggressive as they come in on the baits. No big numbers yet but many more fish in the area now. A new front coming through by Monday and that should be a positive weather influence on these fish. The key word there is “should” as they the fish have the final word, but we expect good things out of this front.


             The Blackfin Tuna have backed off and the ones we are catching are smaller but we continue to see them and the water from 120 to 300 feet in depth has been a better area to search for them. Mahi-Mahi have been out front and we are seeing them in water anywhere from 200 to 600 feet in depth. These fish as well as those Sailfish are very much on the move.


              Kingfish right up on the outer and inside reefs now and all have been of keeper size. Trolling and live baits have both been drawing bites. Also a few Mutton Snappers as the one pictured as we push up inside to the inner reef in 60 feet and less for the Kings and also drawing some bites from them. Some Bonito of all sizes in there too.

              Enjoy the photos of recent anglers and we’ll see you offshore.

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