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Good action on Fishing Charters in Fort Lauderdale

As we move even closer to Christmas our Fishing Charters in Fort Lauderdale continue to provide good action for anglers both large and small as you can see by the photos we have included ( as always) of folks who have recently joined us aboard Marlin My Darlin. Reasonable weather every day with only a single exception of a funky day leading into the latest frontal system. Comfortable days offshore and here’s the report:

The good bunch of Kingfish that had been pretty much right out front of our inlet have moved slightly south but remain very accessible about three to four miles below us, easily within reach of a half day charter trip. A second area four to five miles above us has provided us some good Kingfish action as well when we swing back inshore to the reefs after spending some time in deeper water for the Tunas.

The Blackfin Tuna bite has stayed essentially the same since our last report with some good ones being available and biting, but not numbers that we enjoyed a couple of weeks back. Skipjack Tuna out there off the reefs edge with the Blackfins as well. Their distant cousin the Bonito continues to be nearer shore, mostly right up on the reefs and even further inside at times, wrecking mayhem on any type of baitfish unlucky enough to be unfortunately sharing the near shore area with them.

Some Mah-Mahi continue to pass through adding some variety to the fishing in Ft. Lauderdale and many are sizable enough to require gaffing, always a good thing.

Wahoo around giving us some bites and big stud Barracudas piling on those braided planer lines fished deep behind the boat with a Wahoo as the target species. Big fully grown Cudas. Good Amberjacks on the wrecks and Sharks holding on those same wrecks with regularity now. Bait continues to be plentiful all up and down the line.

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