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Good catches for this Fort Laudedrdale fishing report

Trolling down the reef line and crossing back and forth the edge continues to be a good way to locate fish on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. We have had some good catches since our last report but there is the occasional day where we find ourselves switching out our favorite colored presentations for a different look in an effort to get the ball rolling so to speak. Adjusting trolling speed for different current situations when fishing along the reefs has often been the answer to drawing bites from finicky fish. We always fish hard here and as all fishermen we have our favorites, but sometimes a tweak here and there when it becomes erratic gets things going. A very strong north current has now backed off and we are seeing a slight trickle of south current in its place. Conditions are always changing.


So expect some reasonably sized Kings along both the inside and outside edges of the reef. Occasional Sailfish or Wahoo bite and the Bonito while fewer right now, continue to take those same baits. Football Blackfin Tuna on the troll with more of the jumbos falling for kite baits. All sizes of Sharks passing by in the current. We continue to pick away at our deep spots with Jacks, Tile Fish, snappers and an occasional Grouper when the current allows. Mahi-Mahi are always on one’s mind as it is summer and although one can score there, and it is great when that happens and it has,  the possibility of missing out in the deep water remains very much a factor to consider. Finding the Mahi out off the edge is a great feeling and catching those smaller Wahoo that like to hang around and under that floater where the Mahi left and came charging to your bait is a summer long circumstance and summer is just underway.  Please enjoy the photos of  anglers who have joined us here aboard Marlin My Darlin for a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter.

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