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Cooler weather announces a new season for fishing in South Florida

Coming up fast now on mid November and a decent front just pushed through. A good breeze from the west/northwest didn’t hamper our charters and the front has had a good impaact on catches. November catches can be all over the map with really good days offshore and then some not so good ones as well. We have caught fish on all charters. Some damn nice large ones and also some not so big ones. This is fishing and the same bait that gets hammered by two pounders one day can score a fish infinitely larger fish the next. Today was a great day. Mahi-mahi along the edge of the outside reefs, Kings too, and a couple of catch and release Sailfish on live ballyhoo in water 55&70 feet deep. That is well within a mile of shore. Tomorrow we’ll head out again, big ones, small ones, who really knows. Al fun. Enjoy the pictures of recent anglers, (and bring your kids).


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