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Warm clear days on fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale

I easily recall when it used to rain here….at times it rained a lot…..As I write this fishing report for Fort Lauderdale I honestly cannot say when we had our last rain, or even a brief shower here on the coast. That said it will possibly rain some on Friday as we have a cool front forecast to push into South Florida. We like the fronts for fishing fortunes and will roll with the chance of rain to have the opportunity to fish this system. And do look forward to the front as our fishing has been erratic with good fish and memorable catches followed by tough fishing. So we have enjoyed good fishing in stellar weather and then had difficulty the next day, but, the bright spot, again in stellar weather. So when we struggle offshore we remember that it is widely held to be a better day than a good day at the office.  That gets our vote, we love what we do. We do truly believe that as we just revisited that yesterday as we caught , but struggled, in calm seas and clear skies despite the rabbit’s foot.. But today is another day and we are ready for what awaits as we head out the inlet to enjoy another trip. Knowing Mother Nature will smile on us again with this fantastic weather, and hopefully King Neptune or whoever is in charge down there will open the gate a little further and increase our opportunities of fish. Enjoy the photos of some of our recent anglers, we hope to add to them today.


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